Catering and ecological, organic bio-products

Fresh and delicious meals!


Fresh and delicious food is the keyword for our success-story for 25 years. Our fresh and delicious meals are based on locality, both organic and ecological bio-farming as well as freshly caught fish in Kirrinjärvi. Both smoked salmon and smoked northern pike are our famous specialities as well as the traditional Petäjävesi ryebaked roast. Our homemade bread tastes like bread of our childhood! Vegetables are organically grown in the garden nearby and eggs by ecologically run henhouse.

The menu will be planned with the customer.


Organic bio-products

Rye, oats, barley and wheat are the products of our own farm. The grains are milled into flakes, grits and flour in the mills of Konnevesi and Ylöjärvi. You can buy the Bio- products in our Farm or in Heinähattu -shop in Petäjävesi as well as various organic-based food deliverers in Middle-Finland.

The authority: FI-EKO-110, FI-EKO-201

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