Memorable party in Kumpunen

Facilities for many occasions

Farmhouse Kumpunen offers outstanding location for parties and meetings. We organize parties and other events with 25 years of solid experience. There is room for 150 persons in summertime and in winter for 70 persons. Check out and contact us.

The Pittoresque Brickshed

Dating from 1896 moved into present place 1927. Renovated Fest house for 150 persons during summer season only, during the wintertime the parties are held in the main house.

Holiday cottages and smoke sauna

Smaller parties and meetings, up to 15 persons, can be held in these locations. For further information see accommodation.

The Kumpunen mainbuilding

The Kumpunen Main building, There is room for 70 persons in this beautiful old farmhouse all year round.

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